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No body is perfect, but every body deserves love, acceptance, and release. Our team of inspiring and engaging leaders will guide you through a variety of different boutique fitness classes, infrared-heated and room temperature. From our free flow Vinyasa class to the plyometrics based dance class, we've got a way for you to give your body the type of love it needs. Explore our available yoga, strength, cardio, and dance classes below and reserve a spot at our Brighton, MI studio today.


the Release

the Release is our all-inclusive, signature Vinyasa flow, built for all yogis and fitness fanatics alike to find release! You'll find opportunities to flow on your own as well as time to stay together with the tribe. This class sends a deep message of encouragement as you move, helping you to open your heart to feel, which creates some freedom. All levels of experience are welcome to move with us and can modify or intensify as needed. Each instructor at the Space has a special quality to their teaching and will add a certain uniqueness to the Release! 

Duration: 60 Minutes
Temperature: Heated
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the Fusion

Find the perfect combination of strength and cardio in one session at the Space with the Fusion. This class involves simple Vinyasa flows and extended holding poses. Our inspiring class guides at the Space will help you to learn the ancient healing practice of linking your breathing to your body's movement. the Fusion is a fun class for all levels!

Duration: 60 Minutes
Temperature: Heated
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the Calm

Discover full body, active recovery in the form of this calming Hatha yoga style class. Our engaging instructors, at the Space in Brighton, will begin with a little flow to warm up, then move into strong standing poses, and finish by settling into the deep muscle-elongating stretches your body is craving! the Calm is great for Crossfitters and runners. 

Duration: 60 Minutes
Temperature: Room Temperature
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the Strength

Through this carefully designed class, our team will empower you to train intensely through the workout and help you realize just how strong your body is! You'll experience challenging strength and HIIT moves with your own body weight as well as weights and bands. the Strength is a great option for intermediate-advanced experienced tribe members. 

Duration: 60 Minutes
Temperature: Non-Heated
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the Contrast

Look beyond the traditional crunch for core strengthening in the Contrast class at the Space! Using boot camp style drills, flows, functional training, and HIIT, our inspiring class leaders will help you intensely raise your heartbeat and warm your body, then immediately slow down and dynamically stretch through yoga moves. the Contrast is our version of Yinyasa for intermediate-advanced experienced tribe members.

Duration: 60 Minutes
Temperature: Heated 30 min/ Room Temperature 30 min

the Surrender

Join us for an hour class of traditional Yin Yoga. Yin Yoga is an type of yoga that was created to work deeper within the fascia in the body, creating flexibility, a breakdown of stress within your tissues, allowing you to deepen your practice in all ways. It's not the Calm, its much different in the sense that you find places to settle into a non-active pose, allowing the body to melt, remaining and letting go of working the pose. Just being right where you are!

Duration: 60 Minutes
Temperature: Light Heat