What is the spacethe spaceThe space

the Space is a studio destination where you can come as you are, get what you need, and leave feeling better. Living our truest life is not about being perfect, so we wanted to create a community founded on acceptance and release. While we offer different types of fitness classes, our mission is for you to leave with so much more than just a great workout – for you to leave fiercely inspired to chase and achieve more than you even realize. Start your journey today and Discover the Space located at Green Oak Village Place in Brighton, MI.


    This unique infrared feature is used in our heated classes. It offers direct warmth and the benefits of natural sunlight, without reducing humidity or oxygen in the air!


    Like our ceiling, our infrared sauna, equipped with a Himalayan salt panel will promote healthy blood circulation and allow you to sweat it out, release toxins, and relax!


    In our retail space, you'll find beautiful, unique, and completely exclusive clothing, candles, and jewelry to match your personality and lifestyle!

Schedule Classes @ the spaceThe space

Signing up for your next class at the Space is the greatest commitment you can make to yourself. It doesn’t matter whether your intention is to lose weight, find calm, or just take a moment to reconnect with yourself, your next HIIT workout, yoga session, or strength class is a promise to yourself to continue on your journey – to come as you are, and leave feeling lighter.

Experiences @ the spaceThe space

From yoga teacher training to detox programs and restorative retreats, your journey at the Space can be so much more than one of just fitness, if you so desire. Through our unique event experiences at the Space, we aim to spread our mission of acceptance, engagement, revitalization, and more.

Our special events aim to activate the mind, body, and soul so you can get a great workout and feel healthy, while also helping you access your wholeness to live your greatest life. All that you seek is inside you ready to be discovered – our experiences will help you start that journey.


Our Team @ the spaceThe space

Just as each person on this earth is on their own individual journey, each of the Class Leaders at the Space has a unique story that inspires them each and every day to join on this mission to spread love and light. Get to know our tribe below and join us for a class to experience their gift of reflecting back to yourself the most amazing soul you are.