StephanieLIJEWSKI'S Story

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Get to Know Stephanie

Stephanie has been inspired by movement for a long time and it continues to be a passion she carries with her. She is constantly trying new things and found the practice of yoga a few years ago and has been practicing ever since. She was captivated by the practice of yoga because it is constantly challenging you not only physically but also mentally. She realized that yoga has the ability to teach you skills that you can carry in your everyday life to be more present and aware and is excited to share that with other people.

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If Stephanie is not in the studio she is probably outside hiking, doing some type of active activity or just hanging outside enjoying the sunshine. Stephanie has an array of music in her classes, she gives you plenty of time to warm up- nice and slow- but the intensity slowly picks up throughout the class along with the music and encourages you to move.

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