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I am a born and raised Michigan resident who also happens to be the daughter of two immigrants who came to this country looking for a new life and new opportunities. My fitness journey and self-discovery began about 10 years ago when I started training for, and eventually running in, marathons. Running allowed me to reconnect with myself in a way I had never experienced before. After having two children, enduring grad school, and suffering various injuries, I had to step away from long distance running. I felt lost for a few years without my running routine, so I began searching for other forms of movement to fill this void. I enrolled with a trainer and worked out in a gym, lifting weights and utilizing machines for my cardio workouts. This type of movement was good for my body, but still left that void in my soul.

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Eventually, when I was deep into grad school and raising my two beautiful little girls, the stress brought me into a yoga studio in search of relaxation and meditation. What I found was so much more… I found my true self again. Yoga and the amazing teachers I have encountered along the way have changed my life. The high intensity, the heat, and the overall messages all touched my soul and really woke me up again. I began to feel alive in my skin and remember who I truly was. I decided to become a yoga teacher 2 years into this practice so I can share this experience with others and help others feel as fulfilled and whole as I do because of yoga.

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