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Get to Know Liv

Liv was raised close, in Howell, MI. Her fitness journey began in freshman year of high school, when she discovered she could thrive off of working very hard for something and noticing real change within her body. In may of 2013, Liv attended Schoolcraft college's Continuing Education program and earned my Personal Training Certification. Throughout the next few years, Liv began training a handful of people. Having had done her internship for a certificate through a crossfit gym, Liv had fallen in love with group training and the notion of being together, pushing through the same workout, and having the same experience. In 2015, Liv met Kelli McMullen and was exposed to a type of yoga she never knew existed. 

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The high intensity, heated room, and themes and messages that always seemed to coincide with her life, became very cathartic for Liv. Realizing that yoga had been the one consistent thing within her fitness journey, she decided to do her teacher training in the Fall. Liv's dream and desire became to help people not just physically but mentally - discovering who they are when they are pushed to their limits and what they do when things become uncomfortable in their bodies. Moving beyond the barriers of the mind and tapping into something so much greater than our expectations is Liv's goal!

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  • What Tribe Members Can Expect to Experience in Liv's Classes

    Liv loves to draw people within their own bodies - walking along side them on their journey home, coming back to themselves, their intentions, their actions, everything that shapes a person into who they are. She loves to bring her students to a place of choosing to feel and choosing to lean in when it’s most uncomfortable, because on the other side of that space is a newfound you!

    Liv is passionate about connecting with your breath, the one thing that will carry you through your practice. Liv will help you learn that your own breath is always available to you, it’s something to reconnect back to in any situation. She’ll ask you to dig really deep and notice where you are and sift through why. She loves to help her students feel connected, and consistently give's her students permission to shake, release, and let go!

  • Music You Can Catch Liv Playing in Class

    Adele, Leon Bridges, Drake, Fleetwood Mac, London Grammar, Khalid