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Get to Know Kelli

Kelli realized early on that genetics were not on her side, so she became interested in moving and eating well at an early age. Kelli sought and earned a degree from Purdue University and University of Indianapolis in Movement/ Sports Science and Physical Therapy. Kelli went on to teach fitness classes such as boot camp and spin, but soon after heard the call to yoga, which she describes as a therapy session and movement all in one! Being a yoga student for many years, Kelli finally decided to do her 200-RYT training through Center for Yoga/Life Power Yoga, which enabled her to fuse her passion for movement and music along with her ability to motivate students to push past self-doubt and achieve strength.

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She currently resides in Brighton MI. She has immense gratitude for all the teachers who have inspired her teaching: Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Rod Stryker, Taryn Toomey, Johnny Kest, Bryan Kest, Sofiah Thom, and Noah Maze. Kelli has a deep love for the practice of yoga and it shines through with her hands-on approach and intuitive style of adjusting to her students' needs. Her classes are physically challenging but contain a light-hearted sense of humor. She encourages developing a deep sense of self-awareness and self-love through focused breathing and strength building movement; all designed to invigorate the body and calm the mind. Teaching yoga allows her to share what she believes is the best-kept secret: We already have all we need for joy and happiness inside ourselves. Kelli is very passionate about teaching people about Health and Nutrition, as well as helping others discover the best version of themselves.

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  • What Tribe Members Can Expect to Experience in Kelli's Classes

    Her messages in class are super high-vibe "let’s unite, hold each other up, and help each other thrive together." Her classes are an experience that resembles a journey back home. Kelli's classes are heart opening, body strengthening, full of flow and movement to bring you into the present moment, and super fun. She's very high energy, loves to get hands-on, and cusses like a sailor. She doesn't mean to offend anyone, she just gets excited!

    Her style of teaching taps into the mind/body/soul/spirit and provides a safe space for emotional release. You are guaranteed to sweat and feel exhausted yet invigorated. Kelli wants to help people see how our physical resistance and limitations connect to releasing emotions that are limiting us in our lives in more ways than we know. Her mission is to build her students' mind-body connection and find strength they did not think possible. No matter what’s going on in your personal life, you will feel lighter, freer, happier, and more truthful with yourself by the end of class. Kelli embodies that rare balance of being very inspirational and positive yet still humble and honest about her own process!

  • Music You Can Catch Kelli Playing in Class

    Music is an essential in Kelli's classes. She says "Music is my co-pilot in the journey of my classes." She carefully chooses music for the beat and the message of inspiration. Kelli loves pop music that is fun and upbeat, as well as slow, emotional, and even a bit sad music. She believes both categories bring out feelings and emotion, which is exactly her intention! Her favorites are: Ed Sheeran, Whitney Houston, Torri Kelly, Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Chainsmokers, and any remix or acoustic version of those artist's songs.