Get to Know Hayley

Hayley grew up in Brighton Michigan where she was involved in dance, soccer, and lacrosse; although her favorite had always been dance as this expression of physical movement felt so right with music. Her passion aligns with health and fitness, but more particularly with yoga. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200), which she received at Bent Yoga in December 2016.


She has been actively teaching three classes a week since the end of her training. You can also find her as a coach at Fitwall! Her yoga journey began at a young age of 7 when her aunt introduced her to meditation and yoga videos. She only did Hatha-based yoga with her aunt until she left for college and then took free classes at the university about once a month. After moving home and transferring colleges, she used yoga as a way to release stress and very quickly fell in love with heated Vinyasa.

Hayley collage
  • What Tribe Members Can Expect to Experience in Hayley's Classes

    Her love of dance turned into a love of yoga, so you can find her dancing while teaching, snapping her fingers to the beat, and singing out loud, also encouraging you to join in on the expression! She will encourage, motivate, and keep things light hearted. Her goal is to bring you release and offer a place to truly be you. Her intention as a teacher is to bring feeling to her students. She will encourage you to feel, from the music, to your breath, to each of your tiny muscles, to your emotion. Her classes will be balanced with strength and stretch and cardio and calm. She will walk you through, and then guide you to your own rhythm and expression. Hayley wants each of her students to keep in touch their inner self and make the practice about themselves!

  • Music You Can Catch Hayley Playing in Class

    Right now Hayley's playlists consist of very rhythmic music from sanskrit to alternative to hip hop to covers. Expect a pick up at the end of class that has a little more emotion in it to help the student through the final push of a class! A few of her favorite artists are Janet Stone and DJ Drez, X Ambassador, Bishop Briggs, Imagine Dragons, and Jaymes Young + many more. Some of her favorite songs to play in class are Home by Marc Broussard, A Toast by Braves, Cold by Mating Ritual, Wolves and the Water by Edward R; for a little taste! She wants you to be able to close your eyes to flow and feel full with the music and movement.