Child Care @ the spaceThe space

All genders, personalities, and ages are welcome at the Space in Brighton, MI! We understand life can be busy, because we too have families. We're glad to offer a space for children ages 0-12 years, with the same benefits you get, while
you're in class with us.

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Care @ the spaceThe space

Having other responsibilities shouldn't get in the way of your mind and body's physical needs and your personal wellness goals. You can easily reserve a time spot, alongside your class time, for your kids (ages 0-12 years) to have supervised fun at the Space with our team. Your little one will love participating in:

Social Interaction with Other Kids

Reflection and Relaxation Time

Yoga Exercises

Mind Stimulating Activities

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Yoga Benefits
for Children

  • Strengthens Growing Bodies
  • Enhances Concentration
  • Increases Confidence and Self-Image
  • Teaches Body and Breathing Awareness
  • Cultivates a Peaceful State of Body & Mind
  • Gives Tools for Stress Management
  • Sparks Creativity and Ripe Imaginations
  • Encourages Kind Peer Interactions and Acceptance
  • Teaches a Healthy Alternative to Electronic Devices